Why I Always Keep a Spare Air Bed

P1070912How my love for air beds started is quite interesting; even though I had over and over heard a lot of my friends talked about the benefits of owing an air bed, I didn’t actually give it the kind of seriousness it deserved. Despite all that was said, I didn’t see the need of buying this kind of bed. However, that was soon to change one day after a number of friends came over to my place for a weekend. Although, I knew we were going to have a lot of fun, there was going to be a problem, what to sleep on. I had a little chat with one of them and it was after our chat that I decided to get a few air beds for my visitors. I took my car and within hours I was right back at home with them. Here is all the good things I was able to net from the best rated air beds I bought.

First is all about convenience. It was amazing how I managed to accommodate well over 10 people for a night with so much ease. The best part, unlike those traditional sleeping beds, best air bed for long term use could be folded and stored after use. It did not even stopped there; the kind of comfort my visitors netted that night is mind blowing. An air bed is one of the most comfortable things you can sleep on.

At the end; if convenience and comfort is something you have always wanted when it comes to sleeping solution especially when you have a lot of visitors, top air bed for everyday use is what you should be shopping for. Did I tell you I was able to go camping with my air bed? It is lightweight and can be carried anywhere. I tell you the benefits of owning one are far reaching.


Espresso Maker Reviews: A Guide to your Perfect Espresso Brews

Having developed a great love and a strong addiction for espresso that spans over a decade, I have almost mastered the espresso brewing art in my fingertips. Of course the espresso makers are at the very heart of this art thus looking into the best espresso maker reviews is absolutely one of the sure ways you can trust that will lead you to becoming a guru in this art. What I have come to learn, as much as you may have much experience brewing espresso, there are some tastes that you can only get with some specific machines but not with others. Below are some of the three espresso makers that I consider the best in a list of the units I have been able to use in my house.
make espresso
Breville BES870XL Barista Express

Having used this machine since 2004, but not exclusively- because I love different tastes at different times, the unit comes with a number of pros that can’t go unmentioned. These include the construction which is solid without floppy features, the customer support I receive from the manufacturer and the most important of all, the espresso produced by the unit is fantastic. The unit features a stainless steel design that’s both easy to use and to clean. Just by the use of a tablet and application of a clean cycle every two months, am able to keep my unit clean. Having served me for around six years before I could replace it with another similar unit, I consider this durable enough. The only downside is the fact that it’s a little bit messy but this is common with products within its price range.

Rancilio Silvia HSD-SILVIA
Updating to a Rancilio Silvia HSD-SILVIA was a very wise idea as the unit has also been able to give me results that may probably be beyond my expectations. On buying this unit, in 2010, just a few months after replacing my Breville BES870XL Barista Express, the experience I had made me wish I had bought it earlier. This unit is easy to use and even the amateurs in my household have been able to learn pretty fast how to brew espresso using it. And the espresso taste? It’s just wow! Very superior is the taste, the aroma is unavoidable and sourness or even bitterness is no more. Featuring a heating element that comprises of three easy-to-use buttons for hot water, steaming and brewing, high quality construction the unit has an attractive construction though this speaks nothing compared to what the features and functionality does.

These are some of the espresso makers that I would always recommend to a friend. A more detailed check and reading of the espresso maker reviews will always help you choose the best of products.

Loving My Seville Classics Bamboo Cutting Board

I replaced an old plastic board and an old glass cutting board with this one and I wish I had done it sooner. I love that there are so many mats. You don’t just get one for meats and one for veggies. There are separate mats for beef, chicken, fish, vegetables, cheese, bread and one general mat with no picture designated for serving. Not only are the mats colour coded, they have a small picture in one corner designating what food group they are to be used for which is great for my kids. The mats perform just as well on the counter as they do on the cutting board. We have very sharp expensive knives and I haven’t noticed any dulling of the knives or any damage to the mats. I also love how the mats are stored in the back of the cutting board. Brilliant. The last thing I need is to have more things cluttering up my counters or drawers. Lastly, the size is great. I was concerned because I didn’t want to end up with a small cutting board and this one is nice and large. I haven’t had the board long enough to see if it will warrant oiling but picked up a bottle of oil just in case.

Still as happy with it as when I purchased it. Some of the mats have become bowed, but I believe that’s a result of my “creative” dishwasher loading. I take advantage of their flexibility to cram as much stuff in one load as I can, which probably I shouldn’t do.

By Meghan

Seville cutting board

Easy Time when Dicing and Slicing with The Best Kitchen Knives


Would you like to have an easy time when dicing and slicing your cooking ingredients? Using a good quality knife or knife set will bring you a long way. How to determine which is the best kitchen knife set for you? Check out these best kitchen knives and knife sets to buy to help you in choosing the right kitchen knife. There is a knife set for any budget.

1. Kershan Classic

This superb Japanese kitchen knife is one of the oldest in the history of kitchen knives. It is made with VG-10 super steel and it is coated with 17 layers of exceptionally high-carbon steel. We would recommend it to you if you are searching for a kitchen knife that comes with a non-stick quality. It comes with a D-shaped handle that is made of high quality great Pakkawood.

2. Global Classic

This knife is not only extremely beautiful, but it is also among the most functional knives. It is a top pick for professional cooks, thanks to its versatility. It comes with a cromova stainless steel blade. It is very lightweight such that it will not leave your hands fatigued after using it for long hours. It comes with a metallic handle and a partial bolster hence making it quiet easy to use and maintain.

3. Wusthof Classic

Wusthof knives are one of the most popular knives on the market. It is a great choice for both professional cooks and households alike. The knife is thick and heavy, hence explaining why it has a long life as compared to most of the kitchen knives on the market today. It comes with a high-carbon stainless steel and it is also very easy to sharpen. It also features a partial bolster and a wooden handle.

Here are some of the important things to keep in mind while selecting kitchen knife:


The kitchen should have a handle that is comfortable to hold.

Stainless steel blade

The best knife is the one that comes with a stainless steel blade since it isn’t susceptible to rust and corrosion.


Price is also essential when it comes to selecting a kitchen knife. Make sure you purchase a knife that you can comfortably afford.

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Less Work, More Rice

Rice is one of the most loved food items around the world. Those who know how to prepare rice would tell you how crucial it is to manually stir and monitor the rice at regular intervals in order to ensure that it is cooked properly. But what if we have a rice cooker that has an inbuilt microcomputer which has all the required fuzzy logic required to cook the rice properly: the 5-cup Panasonic rice cooker is one such rice cooker. With the help of this rice cooker, you will have less work to do and more meals to enjoy. The best rice cooker ratings recommend the Panasonic rice cooker as one of the top rated rice cookers.

Some of the important features of this 5-cup Panasonic rice cooker:

Cook for any number of people

It comes in 2 variants: SR-DF 101 and SR-DF 181. The SR-DF 101 has the ability of cooking 5 cups of uncooked rice and is perfect for a small family. But if you are looking to organize a huge party at home, then you can go for the SR-DF 181, which can cook up to 10 cups of uncooked rice. On the other hand, for even smaller rice cookers, look at the best small rice cooker reviews here.

Consistent Cooking

The problem with manual cooking is that the rice does not get cooked consistently every time. Sometimes, it will be rightly cooked and other times it will be either under-cooked or over-cooked. But this cooker from Panasonic has an inbuilt microcomputer which executes the same fuzzy logic every single time to ensure consistent meals every day.

Cook a variety of Ingredients

In addition to the cooking of white or brown, you can use this cooker to prepare soup or porridge as well.

Smart Cooking

The cooker comes with an automatic shut-off function, which shuts off the cooker as soon as the ingredients are rightly cooked and then it also activates the function to keep the ingredients warm for a maximum of 12 hours.

Whether you are cooking for your family or for a large number of people, you this smart 5-cup Panasonic rice cooker to consistently cook tastier meals. This amazing cooker will automatically do most of the cooking work for you thus helping you enjoy your parties or family gatherings more.

Good Cookware, Healthly Cooking

Cooking is as old as human existence, and the two have just evolved at considerably similar pace. Likewise, cookware has come a long way from ancient pots to the modern ovens, cookers and pans. In the contemporary times, it has been hard assessing the best producer and supplier of cookware due to varied preference from different kitchenware users. All the same, I believe the best way to go about it not the amount you spent on a certain item, but the service it renders and the comfort that it gives you while using it.

Among the many cookware companies all over the globe, All-Clad has receive the most and best reviews. It is undoubtedly the best cookware brand on the market. This big firm, started in 1967, has an interesting part of its history. It was accidental how it started manufacturing cookware. It initially used to make coinage, ballistics and avionics until a memorable day when the founder made a pan for his personal use. It from then picked up the cookware business until now, when it is the biggest name in the world of cookware. But what makes it as outstanding? Find out below.

All-Clad uses the finest stainless steel (Type 304 stainless steel), fully certified by international standards for its interior finishes on the items. Copper, anodized aluminium, and brushed stainless steel are the leading materials for the exterior finishes. These combination of materials optimizes the thermal and strength properties of the items produces. The no-reactant interior of stainless steel and the highly thermal conductive exterior makes cooking a hobby when using items from All-Clad. Their ovens, made from cast iron, make sure you use them for the longest time you can think of.

Delish is another brand that produces world-class cookware. They always make sure that they make your meals delicious. Le Creuset of France has been making quality cookware for long and is also a big name in the cookware circles. Their counterparts from France too, Staub, have also given the world a preferred kitchenware collection. With special ceramic bottom, they have made their cast iron items versatile enough to be used on a number of stove tops.

These brands also produce a variety of kitchen tools, accessories and cutlery. They are always committed to ensure that your kitchen looks as enticing as the meals themselves. Why don’t you try them?