I was always an enthusiastic consumer of all kind of juices. I got to a point where I could say that I’ve tried them all. Now I am certain about which brands I like and which I dislike. But during my juice consumer “career” I realized that it doesn’t really matter which one tastes better but which one is healthier. More and more companies are praising that their product doesn’t have any dangerous substances and their juice is the most healthiest choice that you can make. But can you really believe any of them?

Well, I have to say that I don’t anymore and I learned that the hard way, after having some serious health issues from a “natural” juice. This is when I realized that the only true producer of healthy products is mother nature and that I should focus on making my own juices from actual fruits. It was a very good decision but I confronted myself with a big problem: what juicer should I buy in order to get the best results. Well, there are a lot of products on the market and you have to be really careful when you’re buying one. This is the reason I decided to share my recommendation on theĀ best juicers 2016.

Breville Juice Fountain is a very reliable juicer, coming from a very serious company which grants you a 2 years warranty for your product. It has a centrifugal technology and five speed, feature made specially for precision. Its dedicated for the newbies but you can use it even if you are a veteran in natural juice making.

Omega J8008C is comes with a little different technology than Juice Fountain and focuses more on masticating the fruits or vegetables used for the juice and if you like the juice with pulp this is the best option for you.

Hurron HH Elite was rated the best product in the Best juicers 2016 top. It it very easy to use, can handle everything from oranges to carrots and it keeps all the vitamins of the fruit inside the juice. Its design makes it very easy to clean and its technology increases the amount of juice extracted from every fruit.

The fact is that there is no perfect product. You just have to chose the product that suits you best and makes you feel comfortable using it.

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