Choosing the Best Pepper Mills – Look Beyond the Typical

Choosing the Best Pepper Mills – Look Beyond the Typical

I love to cook and I love creating new dishes and traditional ones. For years I had been struggling with recreating the flavors in my grandmother’s famous pot pie. I have reviewed and followed the step-by-step instructions. All I got is something close but not the exact dish I was trying to recreate. I finally had to get my grandmother into my kitchen to get her to do it whilst I watched. She was doing it exactly as I did it, and then it dawned on me, that my “pinch” of salt and pepper was a pinch of finely ground iodized table salt and fine black pepper that while my Nana was using real sea salt and peppercorns ground straight from a pepper mill. It has been a couple of years since I was introduced to the wonder and the flavors that freshly ground pepper add to any dish, I became a little obsessed with pepper mills. So now that I know the secret of my Nana’s great dishes, freshly ground peppercorn and sea salt.

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The grinder that I had bought to match with my other utensils started acting up recently and I was forced to look for a new grinder. It’s amazing how many pepper grinders there are on the market and how they all claim to be the best pepper mills. There are electric pepper mills and traditional ceramic and wooden mills, grinders that still require manual cranking and those that don’t as well grinders that can be operated with one hand and some that are battery operated. In my shopping expedition, I learned a thing or two about choosing the best pepper mills.

I encountered various mills that easily crank up the desired size and amount of pepper. The great ones that come highly recommended have size selectors to help you to adjust the grinding size. A lot of people have a problem with the crank mechanism and but the best pepper mills have a crank mechanism that is easy to use, the best thing of all is that they remove the trial and error, and take away the “pinch” method of seasoning. I have built up a small collection of pepper mills over the year, some are too special for the dining room so I have had to look at contemporary designs within rustic wooden types, ceramic types, sleek modern designed electrical with a simple push-button mechanism. I’m planning g to get a pocket grinder for travel. Sounds strange and weird but it comes in handy in different situations.

Effective Best Cookware Sets

Cookware sets are commonly used items at home, especially as kitchen items. The manufacturers of cookware sets, thus continuously strive to produce cookware sets that are affordable and of high quality. Purchasing software sets is relatively cheap than purchasing individual pieces. Cookware sets are important in equipping the kitchen, and also in replacing old sets. Apart from the best cookware sets, there are specialty pieces like roasting pan and Dutch oven. Many people prefer the 12-inch skillet due to its versatility. People use the skillet for preparing one-pot dishes, and making larger food batches.


The cookware types that are effective are; stainless steel, cast iron, and nonstick cookware. Stainless steel kitchen items are suitable for use at home or by professional chefs. The stainless steel heats evenly and is effective in browning food. The nonstick cookware hinders food from sticking; therefore, fat and oil usage is low. It is easy to clean the nonstick cookware. The cookware can be very cheap due to thin metal, or expensive that has higher quality like anodized aluminum. The cast iron cookware is very versatile, hence uses include oven, grill, smoker and stove top. Cast iron items are usually durable and have nonstick surface. (Related post: The benefits of cast iron)

One effective stainless steel item is the All-Clad Gourmet set. The 10-piece set is beautiful, durable and has even heating. The price of one set is approximate $700. Tramontina set is an 8-piece stainless steel. One set costs approximately $157. The product is durable, ensures even heating, and has a lifetime warranty. Simply Calphalon is a nonstick item that has 10-piece set. Approximately, the set costs $200. Cleaning the item is easy, and the cooking experience is fun. Rachael Ray 10-piece cookware set is inexpensive and comprises hard anode. The item costs approximately $135. Lodge is a 5-piece cast iron set. It is durable and versatile. One piece is approximate $69.92.

Retail sites like Amazon.com and Walmart.com are very useful in illustrating positive reviews for the top cookware sets. The best cookwares are fun to use and possess important product features. The product features include bright appearance, usage ease, high cooking performance, and durability.